Funeral Announced for Fallen Lt. Gliniewicz

This undated photo provided by the Fox Lake Police Deptartment shows Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewitz, who was shot and killed Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, in Fox Lake, Ill. Police with helicopters, dogs and armed with rifles were conducting a massive manhunt Tuesday in northern Illinois for the individuals believed to be involved in the death of Gliniewitz. (Fox Lake Police Department photo via AP) ORG XMIT: ILMG101Thousands of people are expected at the funeral for the fallen Fox Lake Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz, also known as “G.I. Joe”. The funeral ceremony, viewing and funeral procession of the brave man is planned for Labor day. Public viewing is planned for Monday 7 September At the Antioch High School at 1133 Main Street starting at 9:00 a.m. The funeral is to be held at the same location at 1 p.m.

A funeral procession is to take place after the ceremony to the Hillside East Cemetery 450 East Depot Street, where Lt. Gliniewicz will be laid to rest. Due to lack of space inside the school, people are encouraged to line the funeral procession rows and bring signs to pay tribute.

The funeral procession will pass from them schools where he worked with the young people and colleagues, the police department where he served and will also go through downtown where he used to patrol.

Joe Ahern, CEO of 100 Club of Chicago says that “The sadness pervades the entire community, but you can also see the resolve in the police department and all the state and local law enforcement that are here to help catch these guys.”

There were hundreds of people who payed tribute in the candlelight vigil on Wednesday evening for the Gliniewicz, served in law enforcement for 30 years and was gunned down on Tuesday in the line of duty. Sadly, he is the first police officer to be gunned down in the region in 35 years. The people pay their respect and condolence to the family of a great person. He has left behind his wife and four sons.



How to Use Photos for Memorial of a loved one

20picturemdf2014new600The death of a loved one is a very grieving aspect of life and no matter how much you hate it, you can not deny from this inevitable reality. Many of the people stay in the feeling for a very long time, while on the other hand, there are also some people who accept it in a pleasant way. There are 100% chances of mortality of a human being so instead of crying over it, they remember the good times they have spent with the deceased. The best and the most common way of remembering those times, is to have a memorial.

Photos of the deceased play a very great role and they are key to have a great memorial. Here are some ways photos can be used to have a personalized memorial by the help of photos of the deceased.

1- Make a Photo Album

The photo albums are the best way to recall and enjoy the moments you have spent with the deceased. Make a full photo album and put all the photos of the deceased into it. It will not only help you rejoice the old good times but the people will also appreciate it. The only drawback is that you will need more pictures of the deceased to make a more memorable album.

2- Make a Photo Frame

The photo frames are another good idea for the photo memorials. To make a photo frame, you will only need the favorite image of the deceased and put it on something which you use often. For example, if you drink tea daily, then print out the image on it. It will keep you reminded of the departed every day.

3- Make a DIY memorial

If you think that you can make a memorial item yourself, then you can also go for it. For example, you can make a memorial guest book or a photo collage to be presented at the funeral ceremony. Also you can make a keepsake memorial item like a candle, door sticker or a remembrance calendar. All you need is some creativity, and a worthy idea to utilize the photos of the loved one who has died.

1 Wounded During Exchange of Gunfire Among Gang Members and Mourners

A man was shot and wounded critically on Wednesday outside a funeral home during exchange of gunfire between mourners and members of a rival gang after a funeral service in South Los

Friends and family of 41 year old Kumase Jefferson who was shot and killed Aug in Vermont-Slauson, were standing at the parking lot of the funeral home when the shooting started, police said.

The mourners at the funeral service also opened gunfire when the members of the rival gang reached them. The police Lt. John Jenal said that “You would hope that people would allow friends and family to mourn. The mourning process – at least this should be respected”

While the armed mourners and rival gang members exchanged gunfire, a man got injured very critically. However, it is still not known whether that man was a member of the rival gang or a mourner at the service.

An assault rifle and a pistol was discovered by the police in the parking lot of the funeral home while investigating the crime scene. Also, the police followed a vehicle from the location of firing until it crashed and the two people inside the car were detained.

To maintain peace in the area, get rid of the gang based tensions, the police will be working with the local and community based gang interventionists. Also, the search for more witnesses and victims is being carried on.

Funeral Home Allegedly Operating Without License

A funeral home was reported to be working without a license in West Philadelphia. The funeral home is located at the vicinity of 53rd and Vine Street. Police are now investigating the place for allegedly operating with an expired license.

The detectives visited the funeral home on Monday and they reported that they found three bodies in poor conditions and at least two of them were decomposing. Further they said they were disturbed to see what is going on in there.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker says, “One in the casket has been embalmed and apparently from what we’re seeing at this point it has received services and they’re just waiting for cremation date for the particular body. The remaining two were not embalmed, and we only have one death certificate at this point for those two bodies.”

In addition, the two bodies were past the point at which they should be embalmed. Police found one in the body bag and the second one in a metal gurney.

“Bodies are to be embalmed within 24 hours of arriving at the funeral parlor, in case they are not refrigerated under 40 degrees, I can tell there is no refrigerator here.” Said Lt Walker.

The owner of the Gaither and Kimble Funeral Homes, John Gaither says that he is the sole owner of the business and he brought the licensed funeral director, Blair Hawkins with a hope to save the troubled business. He further said he was out of town when this happened.

Police are still searching for the death certificates of those two corpses which were found in the funeral home. The funeral director is also being questioned by the Southwest Detectives. He has not been charged yet but he could face charges for abuse of a corpse.


Free Vs Premium Funeral Program Templates

example premium funeral program template

If you are a socially active person, or have a lot of people in your friend circle or number of family members in your family, you are so very likely to encounter the death of someone. Dealing with death of a closed family member or friend is not an easy task obviously. Also it is very difficult situation to deal with different aspects of a funeral like the ceremony, visitation, memorials, funeral gifts and much more. To deal with the variety of event and convey the right message at the right time, the funeral program templates play a vital role for you.

There are so many funeral template providers and many of them are providing them for free while some of the charge you a certain sum of money. There are several differences between the free and premium funeral programs which can be noticed very clearly. Some of the major characteristics of the templates are as follow:


Free: It is obvious that the free templates are the most basic and simple in design because the provider is not going to charge you for them. You will most likely get the common simple design which may have already been used for many people. If you are looking for a simple design go with free, otherwise have a fresh one by choosing premium.

Premium: The premium designs are the perfect and the most unique choice for you. The templates which are premium, have a more unique and attractive look. If you are willing to pay a final tribute and your heartiest sympathies to the deceased, then the quality premium funeral program templates are the best option.


Free: The free program templates are very basic and the options for the customization are very less. The templates are simple so there are no changes to be made in them. This factor reduces the attractiveness of the templates and it is impossible to personalize them.

Premium: The premium templates are really good because they have a lot of customization options in them. You can totally personalize the look of the template according to the nature of the ceremony. For example, you can change the theme of template into favorite color of the deceased.


Free: The free funeral program templates are the best choice if you want to get the templates cheaply and want to save some cash for your pocket on planning the funeral program of your loved one. You can totally exclude the funeral program templates from your budget list if you go for the free designs. But as mentioned above, the design and quality of free templates is very low.

Premium: The premium program templates are really effective on your budget. They can cause of problems for your pocket if you want to plan the ceremony cheaply. The premium templates have a lot of other features but when it comes to the price, the free templates are always preferred.


No doubt that the free funeral templates are a better choice to save money and plan the funeral cheaply. However, they do not have a lot of features and options for customization which makes them a bad selection. Also the funeral templates are to be used to show your sympathy and affection for the deceased so you should consider selecting the premium funeral program templates. It is the last thing you can do for the deceased.

What is Decomposing of the human body?

The decomposition is a chemical process by which the organic substance are broken down into very small substances. The process starts very soon after the death and it is important to get the body decomposed as soon as possible to put an end to the finite cycle of the physical space. The decomposition process forces the human body to break into very small pieces of matter. A process which is used to slow down the decomposition of the human corpse is known as embalming. This process relates to the use of different chemicals which are applicable to slow down the speed of decomposition.cremation urn

The science of studying the decomposition process is known as “Taphonomy”. The word is taken from the Greek word τάφος taphos, which means tomb.

The process of embalming helps to slow down the chemical reaction which cause the decomposition of the corpse. However, there are several religions and groups which do not allow the process of embalming for the human corpse. They prefer the natural way of decomposition and follow their customs of burying or cremating the body of their loved one as soon as possible.

When the decomposition of the human body is stopped for the funeral ceremony and the visitation, the natural decomposition does not actual stops completely. The chemical used in embalming slow down the process. After the ceremony, the ways of disposing off the human body are adopted which are mostly known as cremation or burial.

These methods also relate to the decomposition of the corpse but these are not the natural ways and used to end the physical existence of a dead person. According to the ancient history, the decomposing of the corpse is important otherwise the human corpse will get occupied by the evil forces. So most of the religions prefer to decompose the human body within one or two days of death.

Funeral for late Houston blues legend Little Joe Washington set today noon!

Rest In Peace Little Joe!


Washington died at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston after an extended illness. He was a beloved blues legend and deserves a decent funeral & headstone for all that he gave to the world.

Funeral of Joe Little Washington has been announced. Funeral services will begin at noon Nov. 29 at the Greater Zion Baptist Church in the 3200 block of Trulley in the Third Ward.

Washington says U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s office is helping his family finalize plans. Lee will speak at the funeral, he said.

Gravesite services are planned at Houston Memorial Gardens Cemetery off Cullen Boulevard near Pearland. His former band members will serve as pallbearers.

A reception will be held afterwards at the Third Ward Multipurpose Center.

Houston Chronicle reporter Andrew Dansby’s full obituary on Washington’s wild and loud life can be found here. As news of his death made the rounds, people from all walks of life in the Houston and Texas area weighed in on the late guitarist’s influence.

Plans for a headstone for his grandfather are also coming together, Washington said.

“His guitar will be at the funeral on Saturday and we plan on donating it to the Houston Blues Museum soon,” said Washington.

Washington, as Dansby wrote, was one of the last remaining performers from a bygone golden era of Houston blues. Washington performed with the likes of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland. He was close to Joe “Guitar” Hughes. His association with Hughes, paired with his frame, which didn’t top five-feet-five-inches, earned him the nickname Little Joe.

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Remembrance Day 2014

Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. The day, specifically designated by King George V on 7 November 1919, or alternative dates, are also recognised as special days for war remembrances in many non-Commonwealth countries. Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918. Hostilities formally ended “at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”, in accordance with the armistice signed by representatives of Germany and the Entente between 5:12 and 5:20 that morning. (“At the 11th hour” refers to the passing of the 11th hour, or 11:00 am.) The First World War officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919